Patent attorney

Japanese patent attorney
M.S. (Physics), Tohoku University
Koki has been working for the IPR field more than 10 years. Koki started his carrier in the IPR field in Nokia, which had been the world's largest mobile telecommunication company, and became an independent on 2004. After founded his firm on 2004, Koki has handled for nearly one thousand applications of patents, trademarks and designs. Koki has been providing services mainly for foreign clients, thus he has a good communication skill with foreign clients. Koki has prior experience as a researcher of electrophysiology as well as a student of experimental physics for the elementary particles, which have helped him a lot to understand wide range of technologies in many patent applications. Koki is capable of handling any technical matters related with electrics, electronics, mechanics, software and business models. Koki has been especially handling patent applications related with mobile phones, such as traffic controls, coding, encryption, power controls, housing structures, user interface, accounting, location, and social services. Koki has also a lot of experiences in the fields of large diesel engines and nuclear medicine imaging.

Japanese patent attorney
B.E. (Electrical and electronic engineering), Hosei University
Hideki has over 15 years’ experience as a patent attorney. Hideki started his carrier in the IPR field in a patent firm in Tokyo, and founded his firm on 1998. Hideki has been a famous patent attorney in Japan in the field of software and business models. He wrote two books, the one is for the business model patents and the other is for a guide for filing patent application. Not only the software and the business model, Hideki has been handling a various range of technologies related with electrics, electronics, and mechanics for domestic and foreign clients. Hideki has experiences in software and business models related with network based services, purchasing, accounting, content management, logistics, and so on. He has also experiences of communication technologies, language analysis, imaging technologies, encryption, games, computer hardware, printer, car navigation systems, car electronics, car air-conditioning, and various personal equipments. Hideki has also many experiences of trademarks and designs. Hideki is one of the examiners in year 2012 in the examination for being qualified as the patent attorney.